Let’s meet at the European MSP Summit – Amsterdam 2018


As an Oficial Sponsor of the MSP Summit Europe 2018 (Amsterdam, 29th May), we would like to invite you to join our management team there, and explore potential business opportunities together.

See more info, and register, at http://www.mshsummit.com/amsterdam

We will be presenting our Multi-Cloud Orchestration Technology, our Private Cloud as a Service (PRCaaS, private clouds on a pay per use frame), and the services and business that can be built based on all those.

If having a 1:1 meeting is of your interest, just send us an email so we agree a slot in our agendas. As events are usually a bit crowded, we will also be available on the 28th of May, in case you prefer that.

I will appreciate to have the opportunity to meet you in Amsterdam or else, in case you will not be able to visit us there, arrange a videoconference anytime next week.

Kind regards,

Jose Luis Montes
VP Business Development

Aslan 2018 | Technologies to promote Digital Transformation (Apr. 11-12, Madrid)


Walhalla Cloud is a Global Sponsor in ASLAN 2018, the leading event on “Technologies to promote Digital Transformation”

DATE: April 11 – 12

WHERE: PALACIO MUNICIPAL DE CONGRESOS DE MADRID, Campo de las Naciones. Av. Capital de España, 7. Madrid.

More information about event: ASLAN

Aslan | Hybrid: integration of cloud services and infrastructures (Oct. 26, Madrid)



IT infrastructures and network connections are growing exponentially: Internet of Things, Mobile User, Hybrid Cloud, … are becoming a reality, and are the cornerstone of the new Digital Age.

Business intelligence, trust and flexibility are three areas in which digital infrastructures can bring a competitive advantage to large and small companies. Its technology managers face the challenge of providing value to the business, developing the full potential of IT infrastructures and services.

Growing, innovating, differentiating …. in a context as dynamic and competitive as today, requires infrastructures and highly elastic IT services. This Forum will focus on the opportunities and challenges to integrate highly efficient technology from the public cloud: from the workplace to the SOC, through infrastructure of the main public cloud platforms, to provide the flexibility required by new organizations digital images.

An opportunity to learn about new technological trends, the vision of the most innovative manufacturers and experiences of other responsible IT.

#FLEXIBILITY #Digitalization #HydridCloud #DigitalWorkspace #PublicCloud #PrivateDataCenter #OpenStack #WebScaleIT #SDN #VPC


DATE: October 26 (11.20 a.m.).

WHERE: Hotel Eurostars Tower 5 *, P. de la Castellana, 259. Madrid.

The evolution of the hyperconvergent infrastructure to the cloud hybrid multi-vendor. Quique Condés – Cloud Project Manager, Walhalla Cloud.

More information about event: ASLAN

ComPTIA. EMEA, Member and Partner Conference (Oct. 17-18, London)


The Future Is Now

The rapid pace of change in tech continues and the skills-gap that comes with it is real. CompTIA’s 2017 EMEA Member and Partner Conference, scheduled 17 and 18 October 2017, takes this on directly, examining rising technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality and identifying the business skills needed to deploy them.


Walhalla Cloud in OPEN EXPO, The Future is Open (Jun. 1, Madrid)




Masscomm offers pay-per-use and mass-consumption solutions.

Other horizontal and vertical solutions for different market segments for the distribution channel. Masscomm is committed to offering global and innovative solutions for vertical markets to take advantage of the growing need of these markets: mass health, mass hotels, mass traffic, Food Defense Solutions …

Walhalla is a new player in the current Cloud world that brings Technology, Knowledge and Infrastructure to Cloud Ecosystems of Critical Mission.

This is achieved through important technological developments based on an orchestration platform built on OpenStack, which allows not only to remain in the traditional computation and storage phase, but also to be able to offer all the elements of network and security necessary to conform a Virtual Data Center, all software and built in an open system.

More information about event: OPEN EXPO 2017




Walhalla Cloud Breakfast, Business Opportunities for Partners (May. 25, Barcelona)



“Business Opportunities for Partners in Instant Deployment Infrastructure for the Private / Hybrid Cloud”.

Everyone seems to agree that the evolution towards the cloud is unstoppable. But it is hard to find answers to the key question: where is the real good business for the Channel Partners in all of this? Because we have all realized that reselling the public cloud of AWS or Azure is not a big deal, and badly we go if that depends on the future of the Channel.

Masscomm and Walhalla will give you answers to this question during the breakfast of May 25 in Barcelona, ​​do not stop signing up!

We will collect the ideas presented, and with this we will prepare a document of conclusions that we will send to you a few days later. Surely it will be very interesting, and we would love it if you could be with us!

DATE: Thursday, May 25, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

WHERE: Hotel Granados 83, at Enric Granados 83, Barcelona where we will have a magnificent private lounge, a VIP service and a cattering to match our guests.

Walhalla Cloud in CISCO CONNECT, Cloud Ecosystems of Critical Mission (May, 11, Madrid)



In order to respond to the needs of the Cloud Ecosystems of Critical Mission, visionary and innovative organizations are needed, but at the same time experienced and solvent, able to provide Knowledge, Technology and Infrastructures with which to build solid and advanced solutions.

This is Walhalla: we have some of the most advanced assets and resources, such as the best European DataCenter connected by dark fiber with a backup DC, technological developments such as our innovative WOTAN ECMC Orchestration Platform, advanced Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions , SDN, IoT, or unified communications among others, and a team of 150 experienced professionals at the highest level in the critical technological disciplines, with a select network of Partners with whom we develop good business. Our professionals have been working for more than 15 years in the most demanding cloud environments and are pioneers in some of the world's most advanced cloud technologies, data centers, security and connectivity. Some of the most recognized experts in these disciplines are part of our team, contributing to the projects of our clients the real experience and advanced knowledge that the mission critical environments need.

More Information about event: CISCO CONNECT 2017


Walhalla Cloud in ASLAN 2017, Congress & Expo (Ap. 11-12, Madrid)



  • Juan Antonio Gómez Bule, Chairman Walhalla Data Center Services. Colloquiums “Leading the Digital Transformation: in your company …. in your client”.

Colloquiums to learn about and discuss how Digital Transformation impacts organizations and the role of ‘technologists' in the new digital era.

Experiences and opinions from different perspectives on the challenges and how to take advantage of the opportunities of this new scenario: from the evolution of the CIO to the creation of startups in which technology enables the service.


  • Domingo Esteban, Director of Consulting of Walhalla.

Intervention in Speaker Corner Cloud & Mobility & Collaboration.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): the cloud transforms the paradigm.


  • Technology, Knowledge and Infrastructure for ecosystems Mission Critical Cloud Hours: Wednesday 15 from 10 to 13.30 and from 16.30 to 18h and Thursday 16 from 10 to 13.30.


Agenda and more information: ASLAN 2017